Together to stop violation of the Palestinian people right to life and health

Since the beginning of the Israeli vicious attack and non-stop bombardment of Gaza, the violations of the right of the Palestinian people to life and health has simultaneously risen.

No Palestinians have been immune to this violent attack, including children, women and elderly people.

Despite the importance of the call to the immediate halt of the Israeli aggression, and the opening of the border crossings, we affirm the importance of recognizing that the right of Palestinians to health has been and continue to be, severely violated on a daily basis, prior to the attack. Numberless men, women and children have lost their lives, not only as a result of direct fire from Israeli guns and planes, but through the daily implementation of the policies of siege, sanctions, the apartheid wall and the hundreds of road blocks that the Israeli government has established. Under these conditions, 'Palestinians', a people living under occupation, are increasingly denied access to the most basic essentials of livelihood and the ability to survive. This includes access to nutrition, health care as well as education and work. Such conditions cover both Gaza and the West Bank.

To add its toll to this grim picture of the daily life of Palestinians, the current Israeli aggression is causing the death of hundreds and the wounding of thousands daily. Many of these who have lost their lives, have done so as a result of the lack of basic drugs and medications, as well as the lack and access to safe and equipped health care facilities.

As a result, we call upon all people, including civil society organizations, governments, international agencies, health care syndicates and doctors' unions, to add their voice to the following demands:

  1. The Immediate halt of the ongoing Israeli aggression on the Palestinian people.
  2. The permanent opening of the border crossings and the lifting of the state of siege, including the apartheid wall and the road blocks.
  3. That the government of Egypt allows health care volunteers to cross the borders to provide health care assistance to the Palestinian people.
  4. To allow nutrition aid to reach the Palestinian people through the road crossings, as medicine alone cannot keep people alive when they are lack the basic nutrients.
  5. To enforce the safety of hospitals and schools within a two square kilometers area.
  • The right to health is the right to life.
  • The Egyptian National Committee for the Right to Health
  • Doctors without Rights (Egypt)