PHA4 periodic 1

13 Mar 2018

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The Assembly will be preceded by country and regional mobilization, using existing events to mobilise, strengthen and grow the movement towards the gathering in Bangladesh. The regional mobilization will also be used to identify, discuss and debate issues relevant to the region in preparation for discussions at the Assembly.

Please connect within your countries and regions to be part of mobilization and activism leading up to the Assembly. If you know of events being planned that can be used to mobilise, or to which regional or country Assemblies could be linked to, please do let your regional coordinators know (find out who they are here) and / or share via the PHA Facebook group.



  • The political and economic landscape of development and health: Addressing issues ranging from the dominant economic model of development, power relations between and within countries, trade agreements, and the role of powerful actors such as multinational countries. It will also address the underlying factors, global and regional, which are driving forced migrations and precipitating a humanitarian crisis in many regions of the world.
  • Social and physical environments that destroy or promote health: Examine factors related to social and environmental conditions and how they contribute to inequity in access to healthcare services and to social determinants of health. It will look at power dynamics associated with class, gender, ethnicity, caste, and others that are being exacerbated by rising xenophobia, war-mongering and intolerance. Under this theme we will also examine the increasing responsibility of forced migration, conflict, climate change and environmental degradation for the profound impact these dynamics have on health outcomes.
  • Strengthening health systems to make them just, accountable, comprehensive, integrated and networked: Debate alternative models of healthcare delivery that are better suited to promote equity in access, that are fair, and that promote accountable systems built around popular participation.
  • Organizing and mobilizing yet again for Health for All: A key aspect of the struggle for health is the numerous struggles and actions by groups, peoples, movements, NGOs, and community-based organizations. PHA4 will be a platform for sharing experiences, mutual learning and strategizing for future action and a source of inspiration for the continuing struggle.



PHA4 will take place in the building that was built in Gonoshasthaya Kendra Campus in 2000 to host 1,500 representatives from 94 countries of all continents to participate in a the first ’People’s Health Assembly’ (PHA) held in 3-10 December, 2000. Dhaka city is only 35 Km far from PHA venue, Savar.

Gonoshasthaya Kendra (GK): Gono means People Shasthayameans Health Kendra stands as Centre.

GK’s overall objective is to use primary health care as an entry point to work with the people, by the people, for the people to develop a Just Society. GK has two visions firstly, “the fate of the poor decides fate of the country, “Secondly, development of the country depends on development of women.” To fulfill this vision they implement several project such as training and education, agricultural initiatives, community health insurance, rehabilitation, research and publication, GH Pharmaceuticals, GK hospital and much more!

GK has started its activities by establishing 480 beds Field Hospital named “Bangladesh Field Hospital” for the injured freedom fighters and Bangladeshi refugees during liberation war in 1971. It was located at Bisramganj of Tripura state of India adjacent to Bangladesh boarder. GK became a pioneer organization that provides innovative community and comprehensive health care services that is affordable and accessible to the rural masses in Bangladesh.

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