Our health is not for sale! Take action on 7th of April PEOPLE'S health day!

Most of us are getting ready for action on the 7th of April, world health day. PHM renamed this as a PEOPLE’S health day.

Any initiative in the struggle for health that you may be organising during, or around, the 7th of April can be strengthened by making the link to the global mobilisation. Also, you will inspire others by sharing what you are doing and what are the main struggles in your country and region.

Add your activity to this interactive map that we can collectively use - and share - to show all the places where there will be actions. You can edit the map by yourself, or you can send the relevant information to chiara at phmovement.org.

Finally, we also prepared flyers and the logo that you may adapt to your context (if you need help, let me know!). They are currently available in EN, ES, FR, CAT, NL, IT. You can find everything (including the map) on the website of the European network against health commercialisation: http://europe-health-network.net/

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