IPHU Philippines: Public Information and Advocacy Skills Training

14 Mar 2018

Public Information and Advocacy Skills Training
Towards Strengthening the People’s Health Movement-Philippines


The year 2016 until this first half of the year saw the People’s Health Movement-Philippines and its member organizations discussing and refining the People’s Health Agenda which was presented to the new government and health authorities. A series of renewed engagements ensued from dialogues with key agencies, participation in congressional and Senate hearings such as budget deliberations and several pieces of legislations.  Timely lobby efforts including pickets and mobilizations were also made like the World Health Day and RCEP ministerial meetings.

As part of building the health movement, timely fora and other educational sessions were held by the member organizations.  What is now needed is a vibrant public information and reaching out to the public through  mass media to tilt the balance of public opinion. While generally, there is a substantial understanding of the PHM issues, the sharpening and focusing of the messages for the public is very important to combat the simplistic, populist and deceptive messages by the government and health authorities.

Objectives of the Training:

1.    To discuss the current PHM issues and draw simple and basic messages for different types of audiences but mainly for the public (especially for tit for tat on government propaganda)
2.    To compare traditional and social media work (the current state of media affairs, the politics, and the windows for our advocacy work)
3.    To analyze the basics of writing for social advocacies including briefing papers, press releases, statements, feature articles, social media publication materials
4.    To formulate a preliminary public information and media campaign plan on the different issues
5.    To identify ways to cascade the training and plan for a citizen journalism type at the community level

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