Resisting Privatization: A case from England

16 Apr 2018






In an ongoing project, PHM-North America is collecting inspiring stories from around the world of movements that have successfully protested privatization of health services.


From these movements and their campaigns we can learn lessons to reinforce and inspire our own work to achieve public, accessible, affordable health care. PHM-North America spoke with organizers and campaigners Hannah Basson, James Beecher, and Caroline Molloy from Stroud Against the Cuts about their campaign to prevent staff of the Gloucestershire National Health Service (NHS) from being outsourced to a private company. The campaign lasted from late 2010 through 2012, when the NHS withdrew its plan following legal action and heavy political pressure. Listen here to a conversation with the campaigners who discuss how they pulled together this hugely successful movement and read more about how they organized their campaign.


Please contact us if you would like to share your movement’s success story in stopping privatization of health services in your community.




Leigh Haynes
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