Disability and Economics Circle of People’s Health Movement

Garance Upham

30 May 2006
The purposes and objectives of PHM's disability and economics circle are:

  • to defend the Human Rights of disabled people
  • to evolve a proper approach towards inclusion of people with disabilities in international policy (must be included in the Millennium Development Goals)
  • to call for public investment in health and rehabilitation services as an investment in human capital
  • to develop alternative economics which start from the rights to health for all, and notably the « lesser-abled » or “differently-abled” : children, the elderly and people with “dis-abilities”
  • to work towards a total change in the notion of Disability Adjusted Life Years (since, in its ultimate conclusion, the use of DALY means that only the young well to do working male's disease burden is to be paid for)
  • to promote innovative people friendly community based rehabilitation (that includes health care, education, job access, social and economic rights)
  • to promote health research that is inclusive of people with disabilities in all aspects including planning, monitoring, and evaluation
  • to mainstream disability in health policy with the premise that disability is part of the human experience (i.e., disability occurs across the life span) and human diversity.
  • to advocate for inclusion of people with disabilities' perspectives on bioethics and in upholding their/our rights to scientific development.
  • to urge development agencies and research forums to support research that assesses the social, political, and economic circumstances leading to health inequities for people with disabilities.
  • to stress the need for coherent policy framework for early identification of children with disabilities with an emphasis on internally displaced population, refugees, conflict situation, and natural disasters.
  • to oppose war as leading towards further expansion of immediate and later disability (such as land mines and children's psychosocial well-being)
  • to combat eugenics and euthanasia towards people with disability.

Ms Nance Upham and M. Hasheem Mannan
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Garance Upham
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