Checking in: Health for All or Health for Some? - 15th Canadian Conference on International Health

30 years have passed since the World Health Organization issued the brave and challenging declaration of Alma Ata, signed by 134 member countries. 15 years have passed since the first Canadian Conference on International Health. Can this anniversary conference revive the spirit and excitement of Alma Ata?

The Alma Ata declaration of “Health for All by the year 2000” was arguably the first millennium development goal ever enunciated. Alma Ata told us that health was a fundamental human right; that people had the right to participate in the planning and implementation of health care and that comprehensive primary health care was the key to the attainment of health for all. We dared to dream. Checking in thirty years later, what have we learned? What do we know? What have Canadians contributed? Have we lived up to the collective commitments?

CCIH 2008 ‘Checking in: Health for All or Health for Some?’ will provide a kaleidoscope of perspectives on primary health care offering a forum for re-examining both successes and failures of practice, policies and research. Practitioners, community members, policy makers and researchers will meet to share new visions and ways of working in primary health care that offer possibilities for achieving improvements to community health, progress toward the Millenium Development Goals, improved equity on the social determinants of health, and strengthened health systems. Together participants will explore some of the new global partnerships, asking how they can be harnessed to improve our progress in this current era.

Discussion and networking sessions, workshops, presentations, and posters of the conference will be structured so as to invite dialogue and opportunities to envision primary health care in its intersections with health reform, health rights and the social determinants of health. Guest speakers will inform and inspires participants through tales of success – in health systems, community and national and global policy and practice. CCIH 2008 will combine new ideas with lessons from experience offering participants an opportunity to revive the spirit of Alma Ata and lead to a renewed commitment for Health for All.

Organized by the Canadian Society for International Health (CSIH) and the Canadian Coalition for Global Health Research (CCGHR)

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