General Assembly and the Municipal Health Council of Indigenous Peoples

21 Mar 2011

With the objective of attaining the full participation of indigenous peoples in the management of local health systems,  on February 24, 2011 the General Assembly and Health Council of Indigenous Peoples was installed in the Health District of San Pedro La Laguna, Solola, Guatemala. This was the first such council to be established in Guatemala.

This organization implemented by local women leaders, members of the People's Health Movement  - Latin America and the technical staff of the Unit of Intercultural Health Care for the Indigenous Peoples of Guatemala of the Ministry of Health, has two principle objectives: First, influence the Guatemalan  Ministry of Health to create cultural, geographical and economic access in local health services, with  respect for indigenous health providers and Second: Seek to strengthen indigenous health systems through proper recognition , promotion of respectful dialogue between specialists to ensure and promote access to therapeutic elements for indigenous practices in order to provide  adecuate care, and to have access to adequate infrastructure for carrying out therapies.

The inauguration was carried out in a festive community environment, in an tmosphere of harmony and solidarity among the many participants.  The sacred musical instrument of the Mayan people,  the  “Marimba"  accompanied the entire ceremony.

Many individuals and organizations participated in the event, including local indigenous organizations of women and youth,  representatives of the Ministry of Health,  national and departmental governmental organizations, national and international NGO's, human rights organizations, and, of course, a diverse delegation of local and regional indigenous therapists.

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