Delegation of El Salvador speaks out for PHM at WHO 8th World Conference on Health Promotion

25 Jun 2013

" CONSIDERING that the People’s Charter for Health of 2000, the Cuenca Declaration of 2005 and the Cape Town Call to Action of 2012, promoted by the People's Health Movement remind us that health is a social, economic, political, and above all a fundamental human right,

AWARE that the sited PHM declarations state that inequality, poverty, exploitation, violence and injustice are at the root of ill health and death of the poor and marginalized, pointing out that health for all means that the interests of the powerful must be questioned and disputed, that globalization focused exclusively on trade must be fought and that political and economic priorities have to be changed drastically, since the current economic model based on consumption is depleting natural resources, a situation that has a direct impact on the health of the population especially the poor and marginalized,

SHARING with the PHM that health is a reflection of a society’s commitment to have fairness and justice and thus that health and human rights should prevail over economic and political issues, calling the peoples of the world to join with the PHM and demand that governments and international organizations reformulate, implement and enforce policies and practices that respect the right to health, build broad-based popular movements to pressure governments to incorporate health and human rights in their national constitutions and laws, and to fight against the exploitation of the health needs of the people,"

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