PHM Brazil – PHM Brazil in condemnation to discrimination acts and in solidarity with Cuban doctors

2 Sep 2013

On the last 27th of August, date of the arrival of Cuban doctors to work on the Program More Doctors for Brazil, Brazilian doctors and journalists who were against the coming of these foreign professionals, went to the airports in the cities of Fortaleza and Natal (Northeastern Brazil), to inveigh and offend with discriminatory, xenophobic and racist words, showing explicit prejudice towards the arriving health professionals. The Brazilian discriminators called them incompetent, and compared them with the 19th century slaves, shouting that they should go back to their slave quarters.
As if such shameful manifestation was not enough, on the next evening, 28th of August, in the School of Public Health of the State of Ceará, in Fortaleza, where 79 Cuban medical doctors were receiving a training program, a group of Brazilian doctors formed a “human wall” on the exit door, and once again harassed the foreign doctors.
There is nothing that legitimates such vexatious and hateful manifestations.

Yes we do favor manifestations, provided they are peaceful and respectful. Racist, discriminatory, xenophobic and prejudiced demonstrations are inadmissible and shall not be tolerated.
PHM Brazil expresses its solidarity with the Cuban doctors, welcoming them and clearly stating disagreement with the discriminatory demonstrations that took place. PHM Brazil does not accept this kind of manifestation, because it explicitly violates the human rights principles stated in the People’s Charter for Health.
There is no way to discuss Health For All and to improve our National Health System if there is no respect and no equity. There is no way to build a National Health System without meeting the needs of the population.
For a National Health System with quality and access to any and everyone!!
 People's Health Movement - Brazil

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