PHM LA: El Yasuni is of global interest! PHM LA regional assembly!

10 Sep 2013


El Yasuni is of global interest!

"I believe that the item of El Yasuni is of general interest, not only for the country but worldwide. It is an item that has been discussed and talked about in different fields of the Academy. For instance in the month of July, the II Congreso Latinamericano de Estudios Socioamientales, that was organized by the University of Rosario, analyzed this. It not only deals with the debate on the problems that go beyond the extraction, but deals with the debate on the model that we want as a society, country and planet, to preserve, not only the interests of the economic power groups, but also to preserve the interest that focus on quality of life, this is the fundamental debate: the necessity of civilizing model that differs from the present one that focuses on consumerism and which is reflected in all scopes of life. So, the Yasuni theme is a debate between life and the mining industry or the industries of death. The decision to explore a source of life using the argument that it will lead to the construction of houses and hospitals is not so simple, not so automatic nor pragmatic.:

Interview by Dr Quizephe on the PHM LA regional Assembly! CLICK HERE for the full interview!

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