IPOL: The Struggel for Health: Topic 6: Global Health Governance

20 Sep 2013

Learning Objectives for this Topic

  • Deeper understanding of the concept of governance and governance reform as a common approach to all of the various different health care and SDH issues that we care about;
  • deeper understanding of the structures and dynamics of governance at the global, national and local issues;
  • sharper clarity regarding the power relations which shape the structures and dynamics of governance and the requirement to change those power relations as a condition for achieving ‘health for all’;
  • a clearer understanding of PHM’s ‘Democratising Global Health Governance Initiative’; in particular,
  • the principle of addressing the local priority issues in ways which also address the global dimensions of those issues;
  • understanding the place of WHO Watch in this initiative; how WHO Watch works and how WHO-Watch can contribute to ‘thinking globally, acting locally

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