PHM Brazil at the Latin America Health Assembly

11 Nov 2013
PHM activists from 5
different states gathered in Rio for the first PHM Brazil National Meeting. The
meeting, which took place in 9th and 10th of August, was
an opportunity to exchange experiences of PHM activists across Brazil and to
reflect and discuss collectively about PHM Brazil’s action. This was achieved
in 3 different moments.

The first one was an open round for exchange of
experiences between PHM activists, focused on “what have I been doing as part
of the PHM”.

The second was an open panel entitled “Social Movements and the
Struggle for Health”, with the participation of speakers from FIOCRUZ, ISAGS
(South American Institute of Health Government) and the National Front Against
the Privatization of Health, besides PHM Brazil.

The third moment was an
exercise of systematization in preparation for the PHMLA Assembly, building
from questions such as “where do we stand as PHM Brazil today” and “where are
we going”.

In conclusion, briefly, PHM Brazil has made a lot of progress since
its launching in 2008, especially in gradually expanding to include activists
and organizations from different parts of the country. However, we need to
strengthen our sense of collective belonging to build a common agenda.
Communication is also to be strengthened. Some strategies were agreed on: work
on small teams according to the most needed tasks, such as communication,
translation, articulation and fundraising. Main themes for the national agenda
were: fight for our universal health system and against privatization of public
policies, and struggle against extractive industries especially in the Northeast
and North regions. On the common ground, PHM Brazil considers that the PHM
globally is a collaborative and solidarity network that brings together
and  supports activists and organizations
working daily for health for all. International support, through an inclusive
movement such as the PHM, with well established values and principles, is
important to strengthen local struggle and resistance.             

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