PHM Chile: Planning for Summer meeting on Health

23 Dec 2013

During a trip to Chile in December, Claudio Schuftan who is representative on the PHM global steering committee, contacted the PHM Chili focal point Enrique Barilari and asked him to call a meeting of PHM sympathizers. The same had been done last year and resulted in enthusiasm to organize a circle. This year, again a presentation of what PHM is all about was made. Although there were less people attending this time --some 15....and 80 % women-- a good discussion ensued and plans for getting organized were made right there. The mutual benefits of having a circle in terms of how PHM Global gives support and solidarity in their struggles was emphasized as well that most countries in South America already have a circle and Chile could not be missed. The meeting closed with optimism to initiate action. A week later a PHM Chili meeting took place in which plans were discussed for organsing a three day ‘Summer Meeting on Health’ together with the Health Council Cristo Vive and ALAMES in January 2014. This would have as main goal creating a movement of health activists around Health as a Right and forming a core for the PHM.
CLICK HERE for the minutes (Spanish)

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