PHM South Africa 2013 action - overview!

2 Jan 2014

In South Africa, the context of health and ill health in 2013 has remained intensely divided and unequal.  These problems have been highlighted in specific parts of the Eastern Cape where the state of health has been declared a crisis by local organisations and communities. Despite political promises of a new health system, we are still awaiting the government White Policy Paper on the National Health Insurance which was due in January 2012. Pilot sites of the NHI have made very little progress in terms of improving health outcomes and in some areas, there is even a documented deterioration of services. The social determinants of health remain a driver of ill health with little progress with regards to nutrition, housing, occupational health or child health. In this context, we are continually inspired in our work to build a movement of activists who are principled, motivated and well informed in the campaign for the genuine realisation of the right to health.
In 2013 we have developped a more defined and regular organisational form with regular public and internal meetings, core campaigns and have ended the year with a very inspiring first South African People’s Health University.

CLICK HERE for the full report of PHM South Africa's action in 2013



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