PHM Brazil: Workshop: “People’s Health Movement – Tools for Distance Education on Activists Training

7 Mar 2014

On November 11th of 2013, PHM activists organized the workshop: “People’s Health Movement – Tools for Distance Education on Activists Training” during the World Forum on Human Rights in Brasília, Brazil. This workshop was an opportunity to present PHM’s history, values and struggles to more than twenty people from all over South America, in a relaxed talk about health activism experiences, leading to high interest between the participants. Specifically, the meeting focused on the experience of the IPOL online course, proposed by the International People’s Health University, that happened between June and October last year. Its methodology, promoting exchanges of knowledge and strategies between activists from around the world and debating deep analysis of the global health conjuncture was claimed as an important model for training and linking activists who are separated physically but share common purposes. It is a wat that can be replied successfully as a creative network strategy for various social movements aiming the human rights development.

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