PHM Brazil inspires a new generation to the struggle for health

31 Mar 2014

For some Brazilian students holiday time is a moment to keep learning about health for all. Twice a year, during holiday seasons, the Ver-SUS takes place, providing opportunity for students to experience the reality of the Brazilian Health System.

This year, People’s Health Movement – Brazil was invited to talk to the students of the city of Porto Alegre about “Health for All’. Mariana Martins, student of Collective Health and member of PHM-Brazil, was one of the participants of Ver-SUS and spoke to her colleagues about the history of the movement and the activities developed by the PHM local and globally. Mariana also talked about her experience as student in the IPHU Thessaloniki, on november 2013.

After that, students asked questions about PHM and its campaigns, discussed about global health governance and how decisions that impact directly developing countries are taken under pression of big players, as developed countries and transnacional pharmaceutical corporations, and not the needs of people. During the discussion students also talked about the feeling of “not being alone” and how it’s so important to know that there are more people working to guarantee the right to health for everyone and how this motivates them to keep struggling.

            As a IPOL and IPHU former student Mariana says that participate in VER-SUS was an opportunity to try to connect theory and practice whereas students live for one week the reality of brazilian health system in an enviroment and a structure that aims to reaffirm health as a social right and to encourage the students being a driver for change - which is directly related with PHM ideas and acting and with the activities developed for her with the movement.


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