PHM UK Assembly: Austerity and Social Exclusion

12 May 2014

We have had very exciting and inspiring three days with almost 100 participants- representing community health networks/ groups, academics, health practitioners and activists- who shared personal stories & experiences and engaged in discussions and strategising around health inequalities and experiences of health under an environment of austerity and marginalisation! Moving testimonies were accompanied by inspiring examples of local initiatives- such as street soccer for homeless; local campaign on food sovereignty issues etc.  

Discussions were accompanied by singing, dancing and networking through the informal get-togethers in the evening. The assembly concluded with participants endorsing a call to action, which was informed by the previous session that involved brainstorming on action points for campaigns (what can activists do?), communities (what can we take back to our communities) and the larger movement (future steps for the PHM). Individuals & few groups are enthused to take forward the momentum and follow up in their regions (I am still receiving mails from participants every day).

CLICK HERE for the Call to Action

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