PHM India: Emerging issues and action plan for nationalization of health care and reorienting health activism

23 May 2014

Attached is the summary of the discussions and key decisions from the two -day meeting on ‘Emerging issues and action plan for nationalization of health care and reorienting health activism’ held on 11th and 12th May, 2014 at ISI, Bangalore by JAAK (the People's Health Movement Karnatake India)

JAAK, under the present State Working Group, organized the Annual GBM in Dharwad in December 2013whereGB members reflected on the growing destructive effects of the private sector on public services highlighting how the private sector has captured policy making that has led to creation of ‘autonomous’ policy making bodies outside democratic spaces that are privileging pro-private, anti-people health care policies:

o   The term ‘universal’ has been hijacked to mean health insurance, PPP, handing over government facilities to private entities and so on.

o   The government is not appointing permanent staff. Instead contract labor is increasing that is violating reservation policies

Given these developments, the GB decided that nationalization of health care should be our long term vision which alone will ensure social justice and equality and prevent double standards and second class citizenship for the marginalized. The GB also approved the position and demands of the ‘Campaign against Privatization of Health Care’ as being in tune with the present vision of JAAK. Those who do not subscribe to JAAK’s long term vision and all the Campaign demands cannot be part of JAAK, the GB concluded. 

However objections were raised about this long term vision and the Campaign demands by certain constituents within JAAK. They opined JAAK is a ‘network of networks’ and not a movement. Therefore JAAK cannot exclude anyone even if their positions and practices are diametrically opposite of what JAAK stands for today.

It is against this background that the present meeting was organized to discuss and debate some of these differences and arrive at decisions for the way forward. The attached document gives an overview of the discussions and the key decisions from the meeting. 

The minutes have been vetted by Abhay Kumar (Grakoos) and Vasu (Karnataka Jana Shakthi)

Please CLICK HERE for the full minutes

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