People's Health Movement - South-Africa Circle
PHM in South Africa (known as PHM-SA) first started meeting and organising in 2003. The Right to Health Campaign was officially launched in Cape Town in September 2007. There are around 320 people on the PHM-SA email list and 75 organisations have endorsed the campaign.

The goal of PHM-SA is to promote and work towards the achievement of health for all. We aim to do this through a process of awareness raising, capacity building and partnerships with other organisations and institutions, bringing together all those struggling to eradicate the current health inequalities experienced in South Africa. To achieve this it is vital to increase community participation in decision-making regarding health challenges at all levels. We promote a comprehensive public health care system and call for an effective response to the social determinants of health, such as socio economic inequalities and poor access to basic services.

PHM-SA puts out an occasional publication called Critical Health Perspectives, available for download off the PHM global and South African websites. We participate in local, national and international campaigns for social justice and equity, and undertake advocacy and public comment on current challenges facing South Africa's health and social system.