People's Health Movement - Philippines

PHM Philippines was established shortly after the PHM took off after the first People's Health Assembly was held in Savar, Bangladesh in December 2000. A Filipino translation of the People's Charter for Health was immediately done and the Charter itself was disseminated and discussed with various groups nationwide.

The PHM in the Philippines draws in the involvement of all sectors, not just the health sector. It builds on the already ongoing efforts of the various community based health programs (CBHPs), people's organizations (POs), non government organizations (NGOs), academic institutions, and private and government agencies. It is interesting to note that Kilos Bayan Para sa Kalusugan (KBK), which is the Tagalog name of the coalition that has been spearheading many of the campaigns in the health sector and which has been organized years before the PHM, actually means People's Action for Health or People's Movement for Health. KBK is part of the PHM in the Philippines.

PHM Philippines has actively engaged various sectors in pursuing the vision of the People's Charter for Health and has initiated and supported various campaigns such as the Revitalization of Primary Health Care; Increased Access to Essential and Low Cost Quality Medicines; No to Privatization of Health Services; Stop Extrajudicial Killings and Enforced Disappearances; Uphold Health Workers Rights and Benefits; No to Commercialized Health Education; Stop Corruption and Uphold Truth, Accountability and Justice.

PHM Philippines has individual and organizational members such as the Council for Health and Development, Health Action for Human Rights, Health Alliance for Democracy, Community Medicine Development Foundation, Alliance of Health Workers, Health Action Information Network, to name a few. Individuals from academic institutions also comprise a big number of the membership. Membership is not formal but is reflected in active involvement and participation in campaigns.

Currently, the PHM focal point or Coordinator in the Philippines is Dr. Edelina P. Dela Paz and the PHM secretariat is based in the office of the Health Action Information Network (HAIN) at 26 Sampaguita Ave., Mapayapa Village II, Barangay Holy Spirit, Quezon City. Telephone +63-2-9526312. Telefax +63-2-9526409.

Dr. Delen dela Paz email: [email protected] Mobile phone: +639178113298