PHM in Turkey

On the 30th anniversary of the Alma-Ata Conference, the PHM Turkey Circle was established. Right after the establishment in September 2008, several organizations and individuals were called to join the People’s Health Movement and endorse the Charter. Association for Human Health and Education (INSEV), as a host organization, started to inform individuals and organizations as a main coordinating body. Together with the INSEV, the Association of the Right to Health Movement (SHHD) is working actively to strengthen the Turkish Circle.

At the beginning of the Turkish Circle process, we decided to translate the PHM Charter and Cuenca Declaration to Turkish. After translation, we also published these two main documents of the PHM in Turkish. As a third step we are now distributing the PHM Turkish booklets to NGOs, trade unions, media, public health faculties, social-policy related organizations and other institutions.

As a Turkish Circle of PHM we are also preparing for a national and international meeting on the Right to Health and Contemporary Health Policies for the next year.

Fatih Artvinli
Association of Human Health and Education (INSEV)
Sogutlucesme Cad. Siftah Sokak No:11-1
E-mail: [email protected]